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23 May

Choosing Between Machine-Pressed Versus Hand-Pressed Encaustic Tiles


You are renovating your home. You want to change up the style of flooring. You want something new, something vibrant and inviting, something affordable. There are so many different types of flooring, and flooring styles out there though. How do you choose? Why do you choose encaustic tile?

Choosing the right style of flooring can be tough, especially if you like several different styles. How does one choose between hardwood flooring, encaustic tiles, and metal grating? There are just too many advantages to each style.

In this article, we will cover encaustic tiles, as we are a stone and tile company. We believe, and we hope that we can provide you with enough information by the end of this article, that encaustic tiles will serve the majority of your tiling and flooring needs.

Encaustic Tiles | The Benefits of Machine-Pressed Tiles

Machine-pressed tiles are often less expensive. You can also buy them in bulk, not needing to worry about the strength and durability of individual tiles, because they are manufactured in batches. Each tile that is machine-pressed is also the exact same as the tile before it, and the tile after it. There is no inconsistency.

While machine-pressed tiles can provide a more uniform, yet less emotive tile style to your home, machine-pressed tiles have their advantages.

The Benefits of Hand-Pressed Tiles

Hand-pressed tiles, depending on the manufacturer, may be more expensive than machine-pressed tiles. Hand-pressed tiles are often more tedious to create, since they are pressed by hand. Hand-pressed tiles are often more fragile, and the durability of these tiles can vary from tile to tile.

However, some homeowners swear by hand-pressed tiles. Choosing hand-pressed tiles as a flooring choice will show in the emotional expressiveness of your home renovations. Hand-pressed tiles provide a unique look to your home that is sure to become a conversation starter among yourself and the neighbours.

Hand-pressed tiles may not be for everyone, but if they are for you, that is all that matters.

Things to Keep in Mind Regarding Encaustic Tiles

Encaustic tiles, although made of cement, can be quite fragile. Depending on whether you choose machine-pressed or hand-pressed tiles, encaustic tiles can chip if not cared for properly. In addition, you may choose to forgo glazing, in which a glass layer is heated on top of the tile. Glazing is essential for ensuring that the surface of your tiles are harder, and shinier.

Cement-based tiles, like encaustic tiles, can be damaged very easily by acidic compounds. While encaustic tiles can be placed in practically any room in your house, it may be impractical to do so where you keep, or use, household cleaning chemicals often. The tiles may be damaged.

Nevertheless, tiles can be a great flooring design choice. Consider whether tiles are right for you, and right for your home.

Ready to Decide on a Flooring Style? | Encaustic Tiles | SS Tile & Stone

When it comes to wholesale encaustic tiles in Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga and the GTA, no company does it better than SS Tile & Stone. If you have questions regarding tile and stone flooring, or you want to place an order, contact us today at our website online.

  • Encaustic tiles can be fragile, so make sure that you take good care of them and they are properly maintained.
  • Encaustic tiles can be machine-pressed or hand-pressed. Each type of pressed tile has its own advantages.
  • Encaustic tiles can be placed in most rooms in your home, but be sure to avoid placing tile in rooms that feature acidic household cleaning chemicals.
23 May

Why Porcelain Tiles Make Such a Good Flooring Choice

Porcelain tile is a form of flooring tile that is made from clay. The clay is treated, shaped, and fired in a kiln (a big oven for firing clay). Porcelain tile is simple to produce, made from natural and renewable resources, and is durable enough to last decades (if properly cared for).

The firing process, when done right, produces very durable porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiling is popular all over the world as a tiling choice, and not just for the floor. Tables, counters, walls, and even ceilings can be tiled with porcelain tile, thanks to its non-porous nature, durability, and ability to cope with varying, and extreme, temperatures. You can find tile as far North as Alaska, and as far South as Argentina.

Now that you know what porcelain tile is, let’s learn some of the main benefits that you can gain from using it as a flooring choice.

Porcelain Tiles are Affordable and Highly Durable

While porcelain tile is known as an affordable flooring choice, many homeowners may not know just how affordable it is. When purchasing anything, the up-front cost is not the significant factor, it is the durability of the object, and the cost to re-produce it that count.

You already know that porcelain tile is simple to construct, and affordable to purchase. What you might not know is just how affordable porcelain tile is in the long-term. Here are just four of the reasons why porcelain tile is an affordable long-term flooring solution.

First, wear and tear. This happens to every flooring solution. It is a fact of life. Porcelain tile withstands common wear and tear because it is non-porous. There is little room for pockets of air or moisture to develop, unlike other forms of flooring like softwood.

Second, porcelain tile (although all tile really), does not require much maintenance to continue looking beautiful. The only maintenance that you generally need to do with good-quality tile is to clean up any spills or stains that occur when they occur. Beyond that, maintenance may simply be sweeping regularly, and mopping once per week.

Third, porcelain is fire-resistant. The more fireproof your home is, the better. We all know how quickly fire can spread, and it would be a shame to jeopardize your safety by using a flammable flooring solution. With porcelain, you have no need to worry. If you accidentally drop a candle or a lit match on the floor, there is practically no risk of the fire spreading.

Fourth, and final, porcelain tile is very, very durable. It is not uncommon for tile to last for decades. Having a strong and durable floor creates a great atmosphere in your home, reduces the list of renovations and repairs that you will want to do over the years, and adds to the resale value of your home should you want to sell it.

All these reasons make porcelain tile a great flooring choice for your home. You can place tile in practically any room as well.

Ok, I Want to Purchase Porcelain Tile. What Now?

If you are interested purchasing high quality porcelain designer tiles and wholesale prices look no further than SS Tile & Stone. We are located in Etobicoke but service all of Toronto, Mississauga and the GTA. You can contact us at your leisure on our website online.

  • Porcelain tile is a great form of flooring that is simply made, and its components naturally occurring in nature.
  • Porcelain tile is affordable, and provides many benefits.
  • The best benefit of porcelain tile is the combination of aesthetic beauty with its long term durability.
22 May

Easy Ways to Keep Your Designer Wallpaper Looking Great

Have you made the choice to dress your walls at home with wallpaper? Well then you made the right choice because wallpaper requires very little maintenance and is very durable. Yet, there are certain things that can be done to extend its lifecycle even longer. In addition, wallpaper is known to homeowners and interior designers for being stylish, efficient and easy to apply. Wallpaper has been used in homes for decades if not centuries and is still as popular as when they were first introduced. Wallpaper an easy and quick way to add a little sprinkle of style to your home or preferred space as it comes in a huge amount of variety and decorative options. You can even combine different wallpapers together to create your own design.

Determine the Type of Wallpaper you Want

As mentioned earlier, wallpaper is not completely maintenance free. In fact, wallpapers catch dirt on a daily basis. Before you think about maintenance, it is important to know what type of wallpaper you have or want as the cleaning process is different for each. There are some wallpapers that are washable and some wallpapers cannot come in contact with a lot of water. Keep reading to find out how to maintain both types.

Washable Wallpapers | Cleaning Out the Dirt

Simply use a washing detergent or cleaning products specifically for the wallpaper to remove all of the dust and dirt. Apply it on a small area at first and wait for it to dry out, before applying on large areas. Only use soft sponge for cleaning as any harsh material could damage the wallpaper. Do not use dirty cloth.
Clean the wallpaper in three steps:

  1. Make the cloth/sponge wet and squeeze out the excess water. Do this before adding a small amount of soap.
  2. Clean the wall in one direction and avoid cleaning one space more than twice. If the cloth or sponge gets dirty, rinse it thoroughly out and repeat step one.
  3. Dry the wallpaper immediately after washing with a terry-cloth towel.

For stubborn stains, repeat the steps mentioned above several times. Let the wall dry and wash it all over again. Be sure to avoid applying a lot of water on the wall to ensure the wallpaper doesn’t damage. Using stronger washing detergent for stubborn stains will help them come out faster. Remember to first apply it on a small part of the wall before completely applying. If you have tried several times and the stains do not seem to change, it is advisable to hire a professional to clean it. There are certain wallpapers that cannot be cleaned with household cleaning resources. Only cleaning professionals with special machines can clean it.

Cleaning Wallpaper Without Water

For dusty wallpapers all you need to do is use a clean dry napkin and wipe the dust off. An alternative to getting rid of the dust is using the vacuum. Another Alternative to getting rid of dust without a vacuum cleaner is using a micro fiber dusting cloth.

SS Tile & Stone | Discount Designer Wallpaper | Toronto & Mississauga

SS Tile & Stone is a trusted retailer and supplier of designer wallpaper and porcelain and stone tiles. Regardless of how you decide to decorate your home, we supply a wide variety of designer wallpaper to choose from. We sell our unique and beautiful products at wholesale prices and can help you choose the right look and style for your home or business. We are located in Etobicoke but service clients throughout Toronto, Mississauga and the GTA. We strive to achieve the highest quality, customer service and value each time we work together with you. We look forward to showing you our beautiful wallpaper options and demonstrating how passionate we are about our products. Please visit our website to learn more about us and feel free to contact us with any of your questions: https://sstileandstone.ca

22 May

Extend Your Indoor Living Area to Your Garden Using Designer Porcelain Tiles

For a very long time people didn’t consider using porcelain tiles for outdoor use. Over the past couple of years however this has changed. Today, it is very common to use porcelain designer tiles for outdoor purposes. These tiles are a great choice for patios and garden areas and have numerous benefits over other paving options. One of the greatest features of this material is the possibility to smoothly extend your living area into your garden. You no longer need a concrete slab preventing you from creating a beautiful visual continuity between the two living areas. Apart from this, there are many more benefits when using porcelain designer tiles for outdoor use. After reading this article you will no longer want to use any other material for your outdoor pavement solution!

Porcelain Tiles Are Durable

Porcelain outdoor tiles have the same benefits as regular porcelain. Their durability makes porcelain designer tiles perfect to withstand the Canadian climate. The frost resistance prevents the tiles from splintering. Apart from that you don’t have to worry about your tiles losing their colour. Its UV resistance makes the tiles very colour stable. Add these benefits up and you have the perfect outdoor pavement solution which can survive all of the typical Canadian weather conditions.

Easy to Transport and Replace

Porcelain designer tiles have an incredibly high breakage load of up to 2,000 pounds, making it even possible to park your car on them. Also, these tiles are known for being scratch resistant. Just like any material, porcelain tiles are not completely invulnerable. Replacement and repair is an easy option and much more efficient compared to wood, concrete or composite stone. You can simply remove and replace the broken tile. Thanks to the lightweight material, which makes the porcelain tiles easy to transport, this will be an almost effortless activity.

Porcelain Tiles are Low Maintenance

Porcelain tiles require very little to no maintenance at all. Thanks to their low porosity it is difficult for moss, algae etc. to grow on porcelain tiles. Other types of staining are less likely as well due to the non-porous characteristics of the tiles. In case your porcelain designer tiles do get stained or have some moss on them, it will not take a lot of effort to remove them. You can just hose off your tiles when a proper grout is used. Aside from that, we advise you to occasionally sweep your tiles to keep them in optimal condition.

Porcelain Tiles | The Designer Possibilities Are Almost Endless

Like we mentioned before, you can use these porcelain designer tiles to extend your inside living area into your garden without a sense of segregation. By mirroring your indoor interior you can easily create visual continuity between the inside and outside of your home. When designing your garden, the only thing that limits you is your own creativity. Let the wide-ranging offer of colors, textures and patterns inspire you to design the outdoor living area you always wanted. You can either use contrasting colors or shades to jazz up your outdoor living area or you can coordinate colors to make your garden really stand out. Whichever garden design you wish, porcelain tiles can do the trick for you.

SS Tile & Stone | Discount Porcelain Tiles in Toronto & GTA

SS Tile & Stone is a trusted retailer and supplier of wholesale and unique porcelain designer tiles. We are located in Etobicoke, Ontario and sell our beautiful porcelain tiles at discount prices. We service clients in Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke and throughout the GTA. We strive to achieve the highest quality, service and value each time we work together with you. We look forward to showing you our beautiful porcelain tiles and demonstrating how passionate we are about our products. Please visit our website to learn more about us and feel free to contact us with any of your questions.

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