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Wallpaper is a material that can cover and decorate the interior walls of your home or workplace among other buildings. Its usage is really quite old, yet it still remains a very popular choice to this day – and for good reason. Although we deal primarily with tiles for floors and surfaces, we are equally happy to supply a fabulous range of wallpaper for your Toronto home or building. Should you opt to purchase floor tiles, the wallpaper we sell can match your choice of tiles perfectly.

What is wallpaper?

Wallpaper material is often used in interior decoration as a means of decorating interior walls. It is usually sold in rolls and is applied to a wall with special wall paste. While wallpaper from a roll is hung vertically on a wall, patterned wallpapers are designed specifically to ensure that the pattern repeats. As such, pieces cut from the same roll can be applied next to each other in a way to continue the pattern without making it obvious whether the two pieces join together.

Wallpaper in Toronto can come plain to be used as “lining paper” under a coat of paint. This technique is often used to cover minor wall defects or uneven surfaces. Wallpaper can also come with intricate designs, repeating patterns, and interesting textures.

Why Choose Wallpaper for Your Walls?

Large Selection

One significant reason to opt for wallpaper is that it comes in truly unlimited varieties and colours. At SS Tile + Stone, we are pleased to offer an outstanding range of wallpapers that will compliment your room perfectly, whether or not it has floor tiles. As a relatively new business, we are proud to offer some well-priced options in the way of wallpaper in Toronto. We are sure to have something that will positively compliment and match the look or style of your home.

Exceptional Quality

It goes without saying that the wallpaper we sell is among the top quality available in the GTA. From plain colors to vibrant patterns and designs, our store supplies it all. Similarly, to the natural stone tiles we sell, our wallpaper is very durable and can withstand all sorts of problems. From tears to scrubbing the wall, wallpaper in general is a surprisingly resistant option in contrast with painted walls.


The versatility of wallpaper for Toronto homes is difficult to overestimate. From covering the entire room to creating a feature wall, you can use wallpaper exactly the way you want. You can even mix and match different styles of wallpaper within the same room, - there are really no set rules!

Subtle or Impactful!

Many people avoid using wallpaper in their homes because they are worried that it can be overpowering. However, modern wallpaper designs can be incredibly calming and pleasing to the eye. On the other hand, more wild or elaborate wallpaper designs can make a truly dramatic impact. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your imagination and personal preference.

It Creates a Theme

Wallpaper is a wonderful accessory! It can create a theme in your room or enhance an existing one. For example, tropical wallpaper would look great with bright pink cushions and large potted plants. On the other hand, floral wallpaper would work well in a room with hardwood floors and a natural-coloured rug, suggesting a very nature-focused theme.

It Hides Imperfections

Furthermore, wallpaper is great for hiding wall imperfections. If you live in an older house, cracked walls can be unsightly, while the associated repair is often expensive. Luckily, wallpaper is brilliant at hiding small imperfections. In addition, smudges and blemishes that accumulate on the walls over time get hidden very well among the wallpaper patterns.

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