Our Premium Toronto Porcelain Tile Selection

As one of the most common types of tile available, SS Tile & Stone is happy to provide a wonderful selection of porcelain tiles for your home. Even though we are a relatively new business in the GTA, we have a constantly expanding gallery of tiles to chose from as well as a dedicated and experienced team of experts to help you make the best decision for your space. However there are a number of questions one should ask before making a final decision in choosing the right kitchen or bathroom tiles.

Is the Porcelain Tile Right for your Home or Work Space?

It should be stated that porcelain is quite similar to ceramic in terms of general color and appearance. That said, porcelain is typically known to be of a white or grayish color. One benefit porcelain has over many other tile materials is that because it has a lower moisture content, it is less likely to break when freezing. This makes porcelain tiles ideal for both Canadian indoor and outdoor styles.

Moreover, Porcelain is much more durable than many other options and this makes the cost well worth its longer lifespan. Though similar to limestone and marble, porcelain outperforms these two materials as well as granite and slate in terms of its long term low maintenance beauty.

Furthermore, if you think ceramic is easy to wash, porcelain is even less porous making it one of the easiest tiles to clean. In spite of the difficulty that can accompany the installation of porcelain tiles in Toronto, its durability makes it a tile of choice in light to medium duty commercial and residential tiling projects.

An added benefit of buying porcelain tiles in Toronto, and something we capitalize on is its versatility in style and options. Whether you want to use porcelain tiles on your bathroom floor or desire backsplash tiles in your home kitchen, our well priced selection is perfect for almost any use.

Whether or not the option of the porcelain tile is right for you, our SS Tile & Stone team can help you chose something adequate for your home. Along with our site gallery for porcelain tiles, feel free to browse our additional tile options presented here. From the exotic to the classical, we truly have it all. If you know what you want or have any questions, please view our contact page and we will be happy to assist.

Wood Look Sale!


Riad By Peronda

Marble Attache By Dal-Tile

Calacatta Gold On Sale!

Slice By 14 Ora Italiana

Leon d’Oro By 14 Ora Italiana

Ravv By 14 Ora Italiana

Le Pietre By 14 Ora Italiana

Fusion By 14 Ora Italiana (Special Order Only)

S/Tones By 14 Ora Italiana

I Gattipardi By 14oraitaliana (Special Order)

Technicolor by 41 Zero 42

Jumble By 41Zero42 (DISCONTINUED)

Synonyms & Antonyms By 41Zero42 (Limited Stock Available)

Mate by 41Zero42

Open Luce By 41Zero42

Futura By 41 Zero 42

Soleras By ABK (Discontinued)

A. Mano By Apavisa

Regeneration By Apavisa (Discontinued)

Tango By Aparici

Carpet By Aparici

Bondi By Aparici

Venezia By Aparici

Encaustic Blue Mix By Apavisa

Grunge By Aparici

Retro By Aparici

Thalassa By Arcana

Stracciatella By Arcana

Panarea By Campogalliano

Good Vibes By Cevica

Jacquard By Aparici

Cemento By Casalgrande

Memory of Cerim By Cerim

Onyx Of Cerim

Urban By Cifre Ceramica

Pierwood By Cisa Ceramiche (Discontinued)

Egeos By Codicer

Patchwork By Coem

Bricklane By Coem

Ardesia By Coem

Majestic by Dom Ceramiche

Haus By Edilcuoghi Ceramiche

Kite By Equipe

Caprice Retro By Equipe

River By Flaviker

I COCCI by Fioranese

Marmorea By Fioranese

Venezia By Fanal

Painted_Wood by Fioranese

Geometric Striped Hexagon By HRG Heralgi

Urban_Avenue By Fioranese

Acidic Iron By Fondovalle

X Metal By La Fenice

Infinito 2.0 By Fondovalle

Portland 2.0 By Fondovalle

Shale By Italgraniti

White Experience By Italgraniti

Prestige By Inalco

Neocim Collection By Kerion

Waterfall By Lea

Forge Metal By Novabell


Memento By Marazzi

900 By Mariner S.pa

Stone One By Marca Corona 1741

NooN By Mirage

Oxy By Mirage

Boston Brick By Natucer

Materia Viva By Ornamenta

Tangle By Ornamenta (Limited Stock+Special Order)

Face By Ornamenta

Raw By Ornamenta

Jungle Animalier By Ornamenta


Metropolitan By Peronda Museum

Unique By Peronda (Discontinued Limited Stock Available)

Statuario + Marquina By Peronda Museum

FS By Francisco Segarra Peronda

Tucci Black By Peronda Museum

Kritos By Peronda Museum (DISCONTINUED)

Suite By Peronda Museum

Greystone By Peronda Museum

Havana By Peronda (Special Order)

Vetri By Refin Ceramiche

Joy By Portinari

Alchima By Quintessenza

Diamond by Realonda

Ottocento By Ragno

Chevron By Refin

Plant By Refin

Design Industry By Refin

Deco Wood By Rex Ceramiche

Classici Statuario By Rex Ceramiche

London By Rondine

Etoile De Rex Made In Florim

Prexious Of Rex Made In Florim

Pictart By Saint’ Agostino (DISCONTINUED)

La Roche di Rex Made In Florim

Maison By Ricchetti

ShadeBox By Saint’ Agostino

ShadeStone By Saint’ Agostino

Akros By Saloni

Nordek (Phorma) by Sichenia

Origami Unica By Target Group

Overlap Unica By Target Group

I Marmi Di Unica I Colorati By Target Unica

Maiolica Unica By Target Group (DISCONTINUED)

Melody Unica By Target Group


Cement By Wow

Aria By Verde 1999

Calacatta By Vallelunga & Co

Statuario By Vallelunga & Co

Argenta By Vallelunga & Co

Frammenti By Quintessenza

StyleTech By Florim

Cornerstone By Ergon

Roberto Cavalli AGATA

Art of Board (Special Order)


Overlay By Refin

Florentia By Valmori

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