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19 Mar

2018 Trend: Encaustic Tiles

Looking for an easy way to bring luxury and elegance into your home that won’t break the bank? Encaustic tiles are a wonderful option; not only are they a type of tile, they are basically a work of art. The possibilities are absolutely endless as the designs can come in a wide array of colour and pattern combinations. During production, anywhere from two to six colours can be added, creating a world of potential. This can add a pop of colour or vibrancy to any dull room.

Trendsetting since Medieval Times

Although encaustic tiles are becoming an extremely popular option in 2018, they are by no means a new product. Their elegance and beauty has made them a favourite dating back to the Victorian and Edwardian eras. One reason they are such a popular choice is it takes a lot of the work out of decorating. By installing such a detailed piece, this automatically becomes the main focus in any room. Due to this, less decorating is required overall and you can focus on a more minimalistic approach, thus saving money.

Encaustic Tiles Prevent Slipping

A major concern when it comes to purchasing and installing tiles is how slippery they can be. This is why in order to prevent slipping; people will usually install carpets as their flooring. The major downfall with this is how much maintenance they require. Carpets or rugs get dirty easily and require a deep cleaning often in order to sustain their vibrancy. Encaustic tiles provide the best of both worlds as a detailed design can give off the illusion of a gorgeous carpet, but are so much easier to clean. All that is required is a light dusting or wipe every once in a while. In addition, slipping is not something that you have to be concerned about with encaustic tiles as they do not get slippery as they are made to stay cool in warmer climates.

SS Tile & Stone | Encaustic Tiles in Toronto and the GTA

SS Tile & Stone is a trusted retailer and supplier of wallpaper, tiles and stone located in Etobicoke, Ontario. Our gorgeous encaustic tiles are sold at wholesale prices and we service clients in Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke and throughout the GTA. We strive to achieve the highest quality, service and value with every project we take on. We look forward to showing you our beautiful encaustic tiles and demonstrating how passionate we are about our products.

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19 Mar

4 Types of Designer Tiles for your Home or Office

When deciding to install tiles in different rooms of your house or commercial office, sometimes it can be hard choosing which style, design or material would be ideal for the atmosphere that you want to create. Before you start, it’s important to be familiar with the different types of tiles available. Below we provide you with several tile options available and how to decide what works best for your home or office.

1. Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles have been made for centuries and are one of the most common if not the most common tile. This tile has a base that is later glazed to add pattern or a design to the material. Ceramic floor tiles are an excellent option due to its variety of patterns and affordability. However, they are softer than porcelain tiles which can make them slightly more fragile.

2. Porcelain Tiles

Even being a more recent tile option, porcelain tiles are one of the most common that you can find in the market. Porcelain is a similar material to ceramic, however, porcelain is less porous than ceramic and it is a harder material as well. One of the benefits of these tiles is that porcelain material has lower moisture content and they are less likely to break when freezing, making them a great option for Canadians whether they choose to implement them indoor or outdoor.

3. Faux Brick Tiles

Faux brick tiles are an alternative option for the customers seeking a more affordable option and still want to get a natural stone appearance. Faux brick tiles come in a wide variety of styles for walls and floors. Faux brick panels are made from high quality polyurethane foam that is extremely affordable. Unlike installing authentic brick, you will only need caulk or glue and a few standard tools.

4. Natural Stone

SS Tile & Stone carries a wide variety of natural materials including glass, granite, limestone and marble. Each of these has different characteristics in terms of durability, resistance and aesthetics. When it comes to glass, the material is not as a hard as granite or marble, but has a light reflecting attribute that gives off the impression of a more spacious room and creates a welcoming environment for future guests. Moreover, it presents a smooth and lustrous finish in comparison to less vibrant ceramic or porcelain tiles. Granite, limestone and marble tiles have similar advantages in terms of durability, as the natural material will last a lifetime and will give a more refined and luxurious look to your house or office.

SS Tile & Stone | Designer Tiles in Toronto & the GTA

Whichever tile you decide to choose, SS Tile & Stone carries a wide selection of tiles for any taste and appeal. We are an established retail store and supplier of trendy, natural stone tiles, serving Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga and the GTA. We offer excellent quality, service and value and strive to meet and exceed your expectations. We are an industry leading supplier of all types of tiles in Toronto and the GTA and look forward to working with you to find the best designer tiling solution for your home or business. Please visit our website for more about us and all the Stone and Tile Products we have to offer: https://sstileandstone.ca/

19 Mar

Transform Your Toronto Home with Porcelain Tiles

Are you looking to remodel your floors with tiles, but are not quite sure where to begin? Well to start, you need to decide on what type of tiles you want. This can be rather challenging considering there are many options to choose from. We will be discussing the benefits of porcelain tiles as they are one of the best choices for homes in Toronto and the GTA.

The Benefits of Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are the perfect decision for those with children and larger families as they are extremely safe and durable. These tiles are far more resistant to scratches and stains meaning that they can hold up to the everyday wear and tear of your children constantly running around the house. In addition, porcelain tiles are less likely to absorb bacteria and germs and prevent slipping. Usually something this durable isn’t always the most attractive option, right? Well, with porcelain tiles you get the best of both worlds as there is unlimited design potential. Not only can you create a gorgeous design on your tiles, the colour runs down throughout the surface. This means that it will look exactly the same over the years and the pattern will not wear down. In addition to porcelain tiles being an investment for your home, SS Tile & Stone offers porcelain tiles at wholesale prices. We want to ensure you won’t have to tap into your child’s college fund for this designer look!

Porcelain Tiles Should not be a Weight on your Shoulders

The only point of caution when it comes to purchasing porcelain tiles is how much they weigh. Each individual tile is considerably heavier than normal tiles meaning that patience and skill is needed when installing them. If not, a tile can easily break if it mishandled or dropped. This shouldn’t turn you off of porcelain tiles as they are still one of the most successful options in the industry. SS Tile & Stone recommends forgoing the DIY installation and allow us to work with you and suggest a skilled installer that is professionally qualified to install your porcelain tile with ease.

SS Tile & Stone | Wholesale Porcelain Tiles in Toronto & the GTA

SS Tile & Stone is your source for excellent porcelain tiles in Toronto and the GTA. We provide a wide range of options and specialize in tiles, stone and wallpaper. We work hard to provide the highest quality products, service, and value with every client. Contact us today to book an appointment!

19 Mar

How Designer Wallpaper can Change your Toronto Home | SS Tile & Stone

Beautiful wallpaper rarely goes unnoticed; whether it’s the bold pattern or the unique design of the wallpaper. As opposed to a painted room, a room decorated with wallpaper can inspire a mood or ambience with the designer’s unique patterns.

In the 1970’s and 80’s wallpaper was at its peak. It was considered a popular option for many houses in North America. Its popularity waned due to exaggerated and “tacky” patterns that took over the market. In 2018, this has changed. Now more people are choosing wallpaper and it is evident that designer wallpaper is making a huge come-back among home owners, interior designers and the younger generation in search of more meaningful and personalized decor.

At SS Tile & Stone we understand that many first time buyers of wallpaper are not exactly sure how to match wallpaper design with furniture or the overall aesthetics of a room. This is why SS Tile & Stone offers you excellent customer service and advice on your selection when you are in our showroom. Below, we provide four tips on how to choose your wallpaper.

Designer Wallpaper | Tone with Tone

When you are decorating an entire room with wallpaper that has a strong pattern, color or both, a good ground rule is to use the same color of the wallpaper with other objects in the room. You can still vary the prints with other objects in the room but the general color of the wallpaper needs to be the same as predominant objects. This avoids the feeling of the room being cluttered.

Source: Houzz

Be Creative | Break the Design

Another option when trying to tone down a strong pattern of wallpaper is to put the wallpaper in panels so the patterns have a break between spaces. This allows for more neutral space in the room, which softens the strong patterns of the wallpaper.

Source: Centered by Design 

Choosing Patterns | Stay with Neutrals

Neutrals usually match together perfectly, giving a more serious upscale look to any interior design. Having a strong pattern usually takes up all the attention in a room and having neutral colors help the focus remain on the aesthetics of the design and patterns.

Source: Decorpad

Choosing Colours for Wallpaper | Colour Contrast

One of the designers’ favorites is to play around with textures and colors. Strong patterns with neutral colors can provide stylish looks by implementing a splash of vibrant colors like red or green into a room. Contrasting colors can also have a powerful effect in your home’s interior, because it makes a statement and can also make a room look more spacious.

Source: Laurel and Wolf

SS Tile & Stone | Discount Designer Wallpaper | Toronto & Mississauga

SS Tile & Stone is a trusted retailer and supplier of designer wallpaper and porcelain and stone tiles. Regardless of how you decide to decorate your home, we supply a wide variety of designer wallpaper to choose from. We sell our unique and beautiful products at wholesale prices and can help you choose the right look and style for your home or business. We are located in Etobicoke but service clients throughout Toronto, Mississauga and the GTA. We strive to achieve the highest quality, customer service and value each time we work together with you. We look forward to showing you our beautiful wallpaper options and demonstrating how passionate we are about our products. Please visit our website to learn more about us and feel free to contact us with any of your questions: https://sstileandstone.ca

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