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Casadeco Trendy Wallpaper | Toronto and the GTA

SS Tile & Stone is a full-service tile, stone and wallpaper supplier, serving Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga and the GTA. Not only do we provide the highest quality tiling in the industry, we also offer Casadeco brand trendy wallpaper for all the rooms in your home. We stand behind this quality brand that is modern, high quality and offers a large variety of styles to choose from. Many people are unsure about wallpaper, perhaps mistakenly thinking it has gone “out of style.” Nothing could be further from the truth. We offer the most intriguing, high quality wholesale, trendy wallpaper for your home or business. At SS Tile & Stone, and we can help with choosing wallpaper that will speak to you, your taste and make your room stunning. Our expert advisors can meet with you to go over the large selection of Casadeco brand wallpaper and explain the many benefits of wallpapering your rooms, including trend, durability, longevity and more.

Trendy, Designer Wallpaper Can Change the Look of a Room

Are you looking for a new look for a room in your home, or perhaps many rooms? Have you explored paint and tiles, and thought maybe something else could create that “perfect” room? If so, consider SS Tile & Stone’s large selection of designer wallpapers. Wallpaper, almost more than any other wallcovering, can actually change the look of a room. Not a thing of the past, wallpaper is reliable, durable and relevant in today’s design world. Covering the walls of some of the most beautiful homes in the world, wallpaper is ageless and timeless. The Casadeco brand is not only high quality, but can fit into your budget and create a look you have been wanting. Wholesale, trendy wallpaper can never be a bad fit, especially with our team at SS Tile & Stone advising you on the best design solutions for your home or business.

Wallpaper vs. Paint

Wholesale, trendy wallpaper has never gone out of style. Knowing the advantages over paint is crucial to knowing if wallpaper is right for your space. Wallpaper is extremely durable, and many types are washable. Wallpaper has no limits when it comes to styles, patterns, textures and colours. Paint doesn’t come close to changing the look of a room like well-chosen wallpaper. Any room is well-suited to wallpaper, except perhaps areas that have high moisture. Otherwise, our team can help you decide which style and pattern of wallpaper will light up your room, or add cozy warmth that it is missing. No matter what your goal, SS Tile & Stone can create a beautiful effect with wallpaper that other wall coverings simply cannot always achieve.

About SS Tile & Stone

SS Tile & Stone is a trusted supplier of wallpaper, tiles and stone serving Toronto and the GTA. Our team would be pleased to work with you to help with all your home décor solutions, including wallpapering. We have a wide selection of trendy, discount wallpaper, including styles from the popular Casadeco to enhance your home in any way you choose. We have a proven track record of excellent quality, service and value. We continue to thrive as a leading provider of premium wallpaper and tiles in Toronto and look forward to the opportunity of meeting all of your residential and commercial wallpaper needs. Please visit our website for more about our products and all the professional services we have to offer: