Mosaic Tile Selection in Toronto

Among the many products we have available at SS Tile & Stone, our selection of glass tiles are truly breathtaking. The glass tiles we supply are perfect for a wide variety of uses, particularly for the floors or walls of your kitchen and bathroom. Better yet, the range of shapes, colours, patterns and designs of our glass tiles in Toronto are so diverse that everyone is sure to find something well suited to their personal taste, whether it be something unusual or something of a more traditional nature.

Why Choose Mosaic Tiles?

There are certainly many advantages in using mosaic tiles over other options. One of the most significant reasons to choose glass is due to its light reflecting attribute. Not only can this make the inside of your home feel spacious and more welcoming but it will keep the room brighter for a greater period of time.

Another popular reason as to why our selection of mosaic tile is popular is largely due to the fact that it presents a smooth and lustrous finish in comparison to less vibrant ceramic or porcelain tiles. As a result, glass tiles work well with almost any type of arrangement or color scheme. Added to its flexibility in different places, glass does not stain or scratch easily and is equally quite durable. If well cared for, glass tiles can last longer than ten years which is why many tile stores in Toronto should carry them among their other supplies.

Central to our own environmentally friendly policy however, glass tiles can be recycled in order to reduce the impact of one’s carbon footprint. The process involved in the manufacturing process requires less energy which is equally good for the environment. These factors are central to our business and is only another reason as to why we encourage the usage of glass tiles in Toronto and the GTA.

New technologies and methods to create glass tiles and their intense ‘customizability’ make them a popular option for households in the 21st century. Whether you want them in your washroom floor or would use them as backsplash tiles, glass can be the right option for you. That said, there are many other selections available in the way of tiles at our Toronto store. To view a range of the other tiles we supply, please take a look through the gallery of options on our website. If you know exactly what you need, come on over and we’ll be happy to assist you in selecting the best tiles for your home.

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