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As one of the most common types of tile available, SS Tile & Stone is happy to provide a wonderful selection of porcelain tiles for your home. Even though we are a relatively new business in the GTA, we have a constantly expanding gallery of tiles to chose from as well as a dedicated and experienced team of experts to help you make the best decision for your space. However there are a number of questions one should ask before making a final decision in choosing the right kitchen or bathroom tiles.

Is the Porcelain Tile Right for your Home or Work Space?

It should be stated that porcelain is quite similar to ceramic in terms of general color and appearance. That said, porcelain is typically known to be of a white or grayish color. One benefit porcelain has over many other tile materials is that because it has a lower moisture content, it is less likely to break when freezing. This makes porcelain tiles ideal for both Canadian indoor and outdoor styles.

Moreover, Porcelain is much more durable than many other options and this makes the cost well worth its longer lifespan. Though similar to limestone and marble, porcelain outperforms these two materials as well as granite and slate in terms of its long term low maintenance beauty.

Furthermore, if you think ceramic is easy to wash, porcelain is even less porous making it one of the easiest tiles to clean. In spite of the difficulty that can accompany the installation of porcelain tiles in Toronto, its durability makes it a tile of choice in light to medium duty commercial and residential tiling projects.

An added benefit of buying porcelain tiles in Toronto, and something we capitalize on is its versatility in style and options. Whether you want to use porcelain tiles on your bathroom floor or desire backsplash tiles in your home kitchen, our well priced selection is perfect for almost any use.

Whether or not the option of the porcelain tile is right for you, our SS Tile & Stone team can help you chose something adequate for your home. Along with our site gallery for porcelain tiles, feel free to browse our additional tile options presented here. From the exotic to the classical, we truly have it all. If you know what you want or have any questions, please view our contact page and we will be happy to assist.

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