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Wall tile is an excellent addition to your kitchen backsplash, shower walls, or even a statement wall. It can add character, depth, and dimension to any room, while protecting the surface from humidity or heat fluctuations. As compared to other options like paint or wallpaper, wall tile is virtually worry-free and incredibly easy to maintain. At SS Tile + Stone, we offer a broad selection of wall tile options to suit any taste and style preference.

Our Wall Tile Options

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms due to its excellent durability, ease of maintenance, and water-resistant properties. These tiles can be found on shower walls and bath surrounds, kitchen backsplash, and more. Made from a mixture of clays that is later fired at high temperatures, ceramic tiles present an affordable and beautiful option for interior walls.

Porcelain Tile

Similarly to ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles are produced from a mixture of clay and other natural materials that is fired in a furnace. Ceramic tiles are highly uniform and non-porous, which allows them to withstand high temperatures. The durability, versatility, and high variety of designs make porcelain wall tile in Toronto an excellent choice for bathrooms, kitchens, or commercial settings.

Mosaic Tile

At SS Tile + Stone, we offer a truly breathtaking selection of glass mosaic tile. These tiles come in pre-assembled sheets containing multiple pieces that can vary in color, shape, and texture. When put together, mosaic tiles can turn your home into a real work of art, all the while being easy to clean and maintain.

Natural Stone Tile

Our natural stone wall tile options in Toronto include marble, granite, slate, and limestone. Each of these tile materials has its own unique appearance and characteristics, and each of them will surely add long-lasting elegance to your home or commercial space. While natural stone might be more expensive than manufactured materials, it is a worthwhile investment that will serve you a lifetime.

Faux Brick

Faux brick tiles replicate the appearance of conventional brick at a fraction of the cost! They look stunning; they are easy to install; and they will save you valuable floor space. Faux brick walls can add warmth to a modern apartment, French country charm to a traditional kitchen, and a personalized accent to an otherwise standard bathroom.

Custom Options

Whether you are looking for natural stone wall tiles in Toronto or more affordable options that don’t break the bank, we can help you find just the right material for your home or commercial property. Feel free to browse our galleries or visit our store directly to explore the endless possibilities we have to offer. Should you have any questions or concerns, reach out to us, and our friendly customer support team will be happy to assist.

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