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Slate Tiles at SS Tile + Stone

At SS Tile & Stone, we carry a wide range of tiles. If you are searching for something in the way of natural stone for your Toronto home or business, our versatile slate tiles just might be the right option for you. We certainly carry many different types of tiles but slate has many benefits that may not be so evident at first given its typical use for building exteriors and driveways. Nevertheless, it can certainly lend itself as an attractive and unique choice as a tile.

Great for the Outdoors

Unaffected by some fairly strong chemicals like acid, slate tiles can be placed directly on soil while many other materials typically require sand beds. This makes it a perfect choice for a unique design outside your home or cottage and even as a garden decoration. Just like so many other natural stones in Toronto, slate comes in a wide variety of appearances and is formed practically everywhere on earth. In spite of this, slate tiles in Toronto typically appear rough or uneven given it a naturally rustic appearance. It is a stone of choice among our customers since its beauty works well as a floor covering and is equally less expensive than many other options like marble.

Water Resistant

The slate tiles we sell come in a truly diverse spectrum of overall looks and classifications. Even if you aren’t inclined towards a more natural look for your home, slate can also take on a more elegant appearance. Along with being appropriate for outdoor usage, slate tiles are highly water resistant. As such, slate works wonderfully in bathrooms, kitchens, basements and any room that is in close contact with water. Since it is naturally textured, you are unlikely to slip on its wet surface and this certainly explains its popularity in household washrooms.

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Professional Service

Slate tiles in Toronto are relatively easy to mount but you should turn to professionals in order to carry out the process effectively. Once installed, slate tiles on your floor will likely never scratch or scrape since they are so resistant, giving you less of a headache then so many other options sold in the tile stores of Toronto.

Although slate might be right for you, there are plenty of other materials that we at SS Tile & Stone can supply as tiles. From refined to striking tile looks, we truly have it all and so much more. Feel free to browse our gallery of premium tiles and contact us if you have any additional questions.

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