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There are many wonderful options that can be used as floor tiles in Canada’s largest city. As a fresh face on the tile store scene of Toronto, SS Tile & Stone is happy to provide some of the most extensive and wonderful choices for your home out there. Among them, we are particularly pleased to offer a wide array of marble tiles.

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We carry all kinds of options at our store. Although one of many tile stores in Toronto, we are happy to provide a truly unique and incredible range of brilliant floor tiles regardless of whether or not you are looking for marble. To see what we can offer, take a look through our site or feel free to stop by our store location.

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Disadvantages and Advantages of Marble Tile

Like most flooring options, there are advantages and there are some disadvantages in choosing marble tiles in Toronto. What we can say is that in terms of the overall aesthetic appeal, marble is almost unsurpassable. As a truly durable natural stone and in spite of the relatively well priced nature of the material, your home will have the added benefit of presenting a more refined and luxurious look. This is what makes a marble tile floor one of the preferred selections among interior designers as houses with marble flooring can be decorated with greater ease.

Another nice aspect about marble is that it can grant a room a remarkably brighter look. Of course it should also be stated that as one of the nicest natural stones in Toronto, germs and allergens are not able to survive on its surface. This limits the spread of diseases in the home, making it a preferred choice for those who thrive in a generally cleaner environment.

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