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Faux Brick: The Perfect Accent for Your Home

At SS Tile & Stone, we are proud to showcase all types of materials in order to create the perfect floor or wall for your home or business. Whether you need tiles for a new bathroom or whether you are transforming the kitchen floor, or creating a feature wall our experienced staff will be happy to assist you in the best way possible. It goes without saying that we have some of the nicest faux bricks in the city, and probably the largest selection in the GTA and surrounding areas such as Mississauga, Scarborough, Ajax, Pickering, Brampton, Newmarket etc etc. If your looking for Faux Brick in Ontario SS Tile & Stone is the place to go.

What is Faux Brick?

Faux brick tiles from SS Tile + Stone imitate the appearance of traditional brick and, once placed on the wall, are indistinguishable from their real brick counterparts. As opposed to real brick, faux brick does not carry any structural support and is mostly used indoors for decorative purposes, on feature walls or even entire rooms.

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Why You Should Opt For Faux Brick

Beautiful Look

Who doesn’t like the timeless look of exposed brickwork? Whether you want to accent your kitchen backsplash with vintage-looking brick tiles or add an inviting touch to your industrial-style lounge, an exposed brick wall will surely elevate the atmosphere of your home.

Easy Installation

Among the most important advantages of faux brick is its ease of installation. Brick tiles can be easily applied to floor, wall, or any other surface, and the entire process is considerably faster than creating a regular brick wall.

Countless Options

From traditional tumbled tiles to sleek and modern brick tiles, your faux brick options are virtually endless. At SS Tile + Stone, we can find ideal faux brick tiles to match your existing conventional brick wall or help you choose a beautiful option to add a touch of country to your kitchen.


One unbeatable advantage of faux bricks over real ones is their wallet-friendly price. While the brick tiles themselves occasionally might cost more than traditional brick slabs, they are considerably easier to install. This translates into significant cost savings on skilled labor and material transportation. At the end of the day, installing faux brick tiles often presents a great bargain.

Easy Maintenance

Once your faux brick wall is installed, maintaining it is a breeze! Unlike vinyl or wood, you don’t need to apply a protective layer to brick tiles. A quick dusting and wiping with warm water and a cleaning solution will have your faux brick look as good as new for many years to come

Space Savings

For those living in an apartment or smaller home, saving every inch of your room space is incredibly important. As compared to installing a traditional brick wall, faux brick takes up a fraction of the room, allowing you to save valuable floor space.

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