Our Ceramic Tiles for Toronto Homes & Businesses

Along with the many different and varied tiles we supply, our ceramic options are truly extensive. At SS Tile & Stone, we are proud to showcase all types of materials in order to create the perfect floor for your home or business. Whether you need tiles for a new bathroom or whether you are transforming the kitchen floor, our experienced staff will be happy to assist you in the best way possible. It goes without saying that we have some of the finest options in the way of ceramic tiles in Toronto.

Why You Should Opt for Ceramic Tiles!

There are many benefits in choosing ceramic tiles for your home. Although they are of a somewhat higher price than carpet floors, the hard surface of ceramic tiles are ideal for those with certain health conditions like asthma, given that ceramic does not typically attract many allergens like dirt, dust or pollen. Now ceramic material will get dirty, however the fact that dirt particles easily stand out on the surface makes the tiles incredibly easy to clean. As such, you can breathe easy knowing the tiles you chose will help keep the air clean!

It should also be said that maintaining ceramic tiles in Toronto is one of the easiest options available since all you need to do is sweep or vacuum your floor as stains will not be able to set in. Moreover, the tough nature of ceramic makes this tiling option very difficult to crack. If well maintained, your ceramic tiles will be able to last for over 20 years and even if a tile cracks, replacing tiles in Toronto is a very easy process. In spite of the amount ceramic weighs and its difficulty to retain heat, it is nevertheless a perfect material to use for your bathroom or kitchen tiles given how easy these two parts of the house can attract spills and messes.

Due to the sizeable gallery of ceramic floor and wall tiles in our collection, SS Tile & Stone will be very happy to assist you in selecting the right tiles in Toronto. If you are searching for a different material, feel free to browse through our site to view a range of other options that might be suitable for your home. For our store location and information, head on over to our contact page and we’ll be here to assist you almost any day of the week.

Metal Art By Candia

Sfumature By Quintessenza Ceramiche

Opal By Cifre Ceramica

Gatsby By Aparici

Fes by Colli Ceramica

Versatile Arc 3d Tiles

Splendours By Equipe

Hudson By Hrg Heralgi

Urban By Aparici

Slash By Imola

Hands By Ascot

Quayside By Iris

Shades of Blinds By Diesel Living

Industrial Glass By Diesel Living

Picket Frame By HRG Heralgi

Metal Perf By Diesel Living

Slide By Iris Ceramica

Wheat By Iris Ceramica

Gradient Crayon By Wow Design

Zurbaran By Bestile

Glass Azure

Glass Blocks By Iris Diesel

Argila Pasadena By Peronda Harmony

Souk by Ape

Cauldron by SOHO Studio Corp

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