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A Wide Range of Options

Along with the many different and varied tiles we supply, our ceramic options are truly extensive. At SS Tile & Stone, we are proud to showcase all types of materials in order to create the perfect floor for your home or business. Whether you need tiles for a new bathroom or whether you are transforming the kitchen floor, our experienced staff will be happy to assist you in the best way possible. It goes without saying that we have some of the finest options in the way of ceramic tiles in Toronto.

What are Ceramic Tiles?

Ceramic tiles are among the most popular flooring materials for homes and offices in Toronto, and not without a reason. These tiles are made from a mixture of clays and other natural materials like quartz, sand, and water. They are easy to fit, easy to clean and maintain, and are available at budget-friendly prices.

Most of the time, ceramic tiles are used in houses, offices, restaurants, and stores, on kitchen floor and bathroom wall surfaces. They make for stunning backsplashes, water-resistant shower walls, and easy-to-clean entryway flooring. At SS Tile + Stone, we offer a virtually endless selection of beautiful ceramic tile options to fit any budget and use.

Why You Should Opt For Ceramic Tiles

There are many benefits in choosing ceramic tiles for your home. Although they are of a somewhat higher price than carpet floors, the hard surface of ceramic tiles is ideal for those with certain health conditions like asthma, given that ceramic does not typically attract many allergens like dirt, dust. or pollen.

Of course, ceramic material will get dirty, - however, the fact that dirt particles easily stand out on the surface makes the tiles incredibly easy to clean. As such, you can breathe easy knowing the tiles you chose will help keep the air clean!

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Why You Should Opt For Ceramic Tiles

Easy Maintenance

It should also be said that maintaining ceramic tiles in Toronto is one of the easiest options available. With ceramic tiles, stains will not be able to set in, so all you need to do is sweep or vacuum the flooring.


One of the main advantages of ceramic tiles is the fact that they are more budget-friendly than many other types of flooring. This kind of tile is generally cheaper than similar porcelain tiles because it uses less refined materials. At an affordable price of $5 to $10 per square foot, ceramic tiles can be used for larger spaces without breaking the bank.

Versatile Designs

Another notable advantage of ceramic tiles in Toronto is the fact that they come in a variety of patterns, styles, and designs. This is ideal if you want to go for distinct looks in different parts of your home. In addition, at SS Tile + Stone, we can cut the tiles into different sizes and shapes to precisely fit any corner of your home.

Fire Resistance

Ceramic tiles are manufactured at a very high temperature, which makes them more fire-resistant than other types of tiles. Ceramics won’t be affected by high temperatures and won’t burn easily if you drop a lighted cigarette or a hot skillet on the floor. As such, it is recommended to install ceramic tiles in kitchens and homes in warmer climates

Water Resistance

With glazed ceramic tiles, you can get an additional protective layer on top of the material, making it impenetrable to water and stains. Glazed tiles are also resistant to high air humidity, which makes them an ideal option for floors and walls in bathrooms.

Environmentally Friendly

Ceramic tiles are created from clay, glass, and sand, and many of them contain recycled or recyclable materials. In addition, ceramic tile floors can help to reduce your energy use and bills in the summer by keeping your house cooler. Even during the colder winter months, ceramic tiles add some insulating qualities to your home.

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