Retouch by Soho Studio

Embrace shadow and light with Retouch, a ceramic tile with a unique, reactive glaze. Characterized by transparency and a crystalline finish, the glaze washes over our flat tile while pooling in and around the collection’s five relief patterns—from frame to fluted. This crackled, tonally rich glaze will age gracefully, becoming even more variegated in time, resulting in an eclectic, handcrafted look.

Must be sealed in all wet applications.


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Emerald Green Flat
Emerald Green Fluted
Emerald Green Frame
Emerald Green Inflex
Emerald Green Steps
Grey Flat
Grey Fluted
Grey Frame
Grey Inflex
Grey Steps
Nautical Blue Flat
Nautical Blue Fluted
Nautical Blue Frame
Nautical Blue Inflex
Nautical Blue Steps
Teal Flat
Teal Fluted
Teal Frame
Teal Inflex
Teal Steps
White Flat
White Fluted
White Frame
White Inflex
White Steps
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