Kado by Dom

Kado is a stunning collection of large-format porcelain tiles that offer a contemporary take on the timeless beauty of terrazzo. With multiple nature-inspired colorways and patterns, including Moorish-influenced fish scale and fin motifs, Kado tiles are designed and made in Italy to honor the rich history of terrazzo. This classic technique, blending marble chips and clay, was invented in the 16th century, and Kado’s modern 3-D printing reimagines it with a fresh twist. The result is a color-body porcelain tile that offers subtle texture and a handcrafted, artisanal look, perfect for adding charm and character to any space. Whether you’re looking to create a statement floor or a feature wall, Kado tiles are a versatile and stunning choice.


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Ocean Blue
Smoke Grey
Cement Charcoal Grey (Lead)
Cement Ice White
Cement Ocean Blue
Cement Smoke Grey
Charcoal (Lead) Grey
Flakes Charcoal Grey (Lead)
Flakes Ice White
Flakes Ocean Blue
Flakes Smoke Grey
Ice White
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Kujaku Warm Decor
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