ColorHues Cement and Lavastone Collection

The ColorHues collection is an original way to mix hues and materials for a look all your own. With ColorHues you get more. More variety, more materials, more applications. This handcrafted, artisanal collection of curated subway tiles—featuring cement, lava stone, and a mix of the two—invites you to play with shade, pattern, and color. ColorHues’s unique palettes and material options take creativity to the next level.

Cement matte/ Lavastone glossy

All cement based products and this tile are naturally porous. Discoloration may occur over time. Even with the use of a grout release or pre sealing, and a consistent maintenance program that includes a sealer, it is important to understand that this product will evolve once installed.

•Wipe the dust from the tiles before install.

•Use a grout release, preferably one with a detergent.

•Match your grout color to your tile.

•Use a basic sanded grout. This gives the largest aggregate possible and may help in keeping the pigments out of the face of the tile.

•Use a tile and grout cleaner after the grout has cured.

•Follow all time and directions on all products used.

•Install and grout in a temperature controlled area.


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Blue Moon
Blush Pink
Fossil Grey
Arctic Blue
Blue Jean
Blue Steel
Chalk White
Cloud Blend
Lake Blend
Mist Gray
Ocean Blend
Pebble Grey
Robin's Egg
Terra Blend
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