Why Porcelain Tiles Make Such a Good Flooring Choice

Porcelain tile is a form of flooring tile that is made from clay. The clay is treated, shaped, and fired in a kiln (a big oven for firing clay). Porcelain tile is simple to produce, made from natural and renewable resources, and is durable enough to last decades (if properly cared for).

The firing process, when done right, produces very durable porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiling is popular all over the world as a tiling choice, and not just for the floor. Tables, counters, walls, and even ceilings can be tiled with porcelain tile, thanks to its non-porous nature, durability, and ability to cope with varying, and extreme, temperatures. You can find tile as far North as Alaska, and as far South as Argentina.

Now that you know what porcelain tile is, let’s learn some of the main benefits that you can gain from using it as a flooring choice.


While porcelain tile is known as an affordable flooring choice, many homeowners may not know just how affordable it is. When purchasing anything, the up-front cost is not the significant factor, it is the durability of the object, and the cost to re-produce it that count.

You already know that porcelain tile is simple to construct, and affordable to purchase. What you might not know is just how affordable porcelain tile is in the long-term. Here are just four of the reasons why porcelain tile is an affordable long-term flooring solution.

First, wear and tear. This happens to every flooring solution. It is a fact of life. Porcelain tile withstands common wear and tear because it is non-porous. There is little room for pockets of air or moisture to develop, unlike other forms of flooring like softwood.

Second, porcelain tile (although all tile really), does not require much maintenance to continue looking beautiful. The only maintenance that you generally need to do with good-quality tile is to clean up any spills or stains that occur when they occur. Beyond that, maintenance may simply be sweeping regularly, and mopping once per week.

Third, porcelain is fire-resistant. The more fireproof your home is, the better. We all know how quickly fire can spread, and it would be a shame to jeopardize your safety by using a flammable flooring solution. With porcelain, you have no need to worry. If you accidentally drop a candle or a lit match on the floor, there is practically no risk of the fire spreading.

Fourth, and final, porcelain tile is very, very durable. It is not uncommon for tile to last for decades. Having a strong and durable floor creates a great atmosphere in your home, reduces the list of renovations and repairs that you will want to do over the years, and adds to the resale value of your home should you want to sell it.

All these reasons make porcelain tile a great flooring choice for your home. You can place tile in practically any room as well.


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Porcelain tile is a great form of flooring that is simply made, and its components naturally occurring in nature.
Porcelain tile is affordable, and provides many benefits.
The best benefit of porcelain tile is the combination of aesthetic beauty with its long term durability.