Get Inspired By These Designer Wallpaper Trends For 2018

A couple of weeks ago we provided you with some advice on how to choose the right wallpaper for your interior. Since we’re three months into 2018 we thought it would be the right time to inform you of this year’s designer wallpaper trends. Just like any other year, there are several types of wallpaper that are trending this year. By informing you on the latest trends we hope to inspire you when choosing wallpaper for your home.


Geometrical and symmetrical shapes suit the current trend for minimalist and abstract interior designs. If you like more modern creations, you should definitely take a look at geometric prints. These patterns deliver the best of both worlds. By using prints featuring bright and vibrant colors you can make the wallpaper bounce off your wall. At the same time, you can introduce order and dimension into your home thanks to the symmetrical shapes and simple clean lines from the geometric patterns.
Basically, this designer wallpaper pattern is your go to pattern if you want to quickly and easily add character to a room that lacks ambience, without losing order and dimension in your home.
The great thing about this geometrical or symmetrical designer wallpaper is the variety in patterns and the different types of atmospheres they create. To add joy and playfulness to a room we advise a pattern that is busy with color and fun. Or opt for a simple pattern with softer colours to create a calming atmosphere. Finally, there are some things to keep in mind when choosing a geometrical or symmetrical pattern. Always pay attention to the size of the pattern to make sure it’s scaled to the room and let the room guide the color.


Are you looking to create an open air living space? Metallic designer wallpaper can do the work for you. Metallics reflect light evenly around the room and therefore make the space seem larger and more open. Another interesting feature is the combination of dark and light reflectance. Depending on what angle you’re viewing the paper from, this designer wallpaper will appear light and bright or dark with a deeper color. The trendy wallpaper changes constantly result in a 3D, almost living appearance to the viewer. Keep in mind that metallic prints can overpower the design due to its eye-catching appeal. To prevent this from happening you can choose to tone the print down with spots, stripes and floral patterns. You can even opt to add wallpaper to just one wall which will make the wall stand out even more.


In 2016 we were gifted rose gold. The year after, rose gold transitioned into the Millennial Pink trend. This year pink designer wallpaper will keep gaining popularity and reign as the new black. You can use a pink pattern to complement your room without overpowering it. Another great thing about Millennial Pink is the fact that the color is not exactly defined. There are tons of undertones for you to choose form so you can match your wallpaper color easily with the rest of your interior. For example you could use pinks with cool undertones (these fall towards blue-grey colors) to match a grey and white interior. Or you can match warmer pinks (the ones with a red undertone) with warm materials like gold or copper. To keep on top of the trends we advise you to opt for subtle or pale salmon pinks. If the idea of a completely pink wall makes you feel uncomfortable, you can go for a pink feature wall. Use patterned pink wallpaper or geometric wallpaper in pretty pink tones. Either way, there are plenty of ways to implement pink wallpaper in your interior without adding a childish character to it.


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