Extend Your Indoor Living Area to Your Garden Using Designer Porcelain Tiles

For a very long time people didn’t consider using porcelain tiles for outdoor use. Over the past couple of years however this has changed. Today, it is very common to use porcelain designer tiles for outdoor purposes. These tiles are a great choice for patios and garden areas and have numerous benefits over other paving options. One of the greatest features of this material is the possibility to smoothly extend your living area into your garden. You no longer need a concrete slab preventing you from creating a beautiful visual continuity between the two living areas. Apart from this, there are many more benefits when using porcelain designer tiles for outdoor use. After reading this article you will no longer want to use any other material for your outdoor pavement solution!


Porcelain outdoor tiles have the same benefits as regular porcelain. Their durability makes porcelain designer tiles perfect to withstand the Canadian climate. The frost resistance prevents the tiles from splintering. Apart from that you don’t have to worry about your tiles losing their colour. Its UV resistance makes the tiles very colour stable. Add these benefits up and you have the perfect outdoor pavement solution which can survive all of the typical Canadian weather conditions.


Porcelain designer tiles have an incredibly high breakage load of up to 2,000 pounds, making it even possible to park your car on them. Also, these tiles are known for being scratch resistant. Just like any material, porcelain tiles are not completely invulnerable. Replacement and repair is an easy option and much more efficient compared to wood, concrete or composite stone. You can simply remove and replace the broken tile. Thanks to the lightweight material, which makes the porcelain tiles easy to transport, this will be an almost effortless activity.


Porcelain tiles require very little to no maintenance at all. Thanks to their low porosity it is difficult for moss, algae etc. to grow on porcelain tiles. Other types of staining are less likely as well due to the non-porous characteristics of the tiles. In case your porcelain designer tiles do get stained or have some moss on them, it will not take a lot of effort to remove them. You can just hose off your tiles when a proper grout is used. Aside from that, we advise you to occasionally sweep your tiles to keep them in optimal condition.


Like we mentioned before, you can use these porcelain designer tiles to extend your inside living area into your garden without a sense of segregation. By mirroring your indoor interior you can easily create visual continuity between the inside and outside of your home. When designing your garden, the only thing that limits you is your own creativity. Let the wide-ranging offer of colors, textures and patterns inspire you to design the outdoor living area you always wanted. You can either use contrasting colors or shades to jazz up your outdoor living area or you can coordinate colors to make your garden really stand out. Whichever garden design you wish, porcelain tiles can do the trick for you.


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