Easy Ways to Keep Your Designer Wallpaper Looking Great

Have you made the choice to dress your walls at home with wallpaper? Well then you made the right choice because wallpaper requires very little maintenance and is very durable. Yet, there are certain things that can be done to extend its lifecycle even longer. In addition, wallpaper is known to homeowners and interior designers for being stylish, efficient and easy to apply. Wallpaper has been used in homes for decades if not centuries and is still as popular as when they were first introduced. Wallpaper an easy and quick way to add a little sprinkle of style to your home or preferred space as it comes in a huge amount of variety and decorative options. You can even combine different wallpapers together to create your own design.

Determine the Type of Wallpaper you Want

As mentioned earlier, wallpaper is not completely maintenance free. In fact, wallpapers catch dirt on a daily basis. Before you think about maintenance, it is important to know what type of wallpaper you have or want as the cleaning process is different for each. There are some wallpapers that are washable and some wallpapers cannot come in contact with a lot of water. Keep reading to find out how to maintain both types.

Washable Wallpapers | Cleaning Out the Dirt

Simply use a washing detergent or cleaning products specifically for the wallpaper to remove all of the dust and dirt. Apply it on a small area at first and wait for it to dry out, before applying on large areas. Only use soft sponge for cleaning as any harsh material could damage the wallpaper. Do not use dirty cloth.
Clean the wallpaper in three steps:

  1. Make the cloth/sponge wet and squeeze out the excess water. Do this before adding a small amount of soap.
  2. Clean the wall in one direction and avoid cleaning one space more than twice. If the cloth or sponge gets dirty, rinse it thoroughly out and repeat step one.
  3. Dry the wallpaper immediately after washing with a terry-cloth towel.

For stubborn stains, repeat the steps mentioned above several times. Let the wall dry and wash it all over again. Be sure to avoid applying a lot of water on the wall to ensure the wallpaper doesn’t damage. Using stronger washing detergent for stubborn stains will help them come out faster. Remember to first apply it on a small part of the wall before completely applying. If you have tried several times and the stains do not seem to change, it is advisable to hire a professional to clean it. There are certain wallpapers that cannot be cleaned with household cleaning resources. Only cleaning professionals with special machines can clean it.

Cleaning Wallpaper Without Water

For dusty wallpapers all you need to do is use a clean dry napkin and wipe the dust off. An alternative to getting rid of the dust is using the vacuum. Another Alternative to getting rid of dust without a vacuum cleaner is using a micro fiber dusting cloth.

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