The Benefits of Designer Tiles | Toronto Homes

Tiles are a great feature for any home and will usually provide an upscale style to the look of any room. Also, they are durable and easy to maintain and clean. The tiles that we provide in our store are hand-picked designer tiles and we have a wide variety of colours, designs and materials. But if you’re asking yourself, why choose tiles? What are the benefits of having there in your home? Here are some great points for you to consider:

Tiles Don’t Burn

Unlike wood, tiles have the benefit that they don’t burn. If a burning ash or flame accidently makes contact with your tiles, it will not mark your flooring.

Tiles are anti-static

Tiles have the advantage of not becoming electrically charged when you walk on them which can result in friction unlike other flooring options such as carpeting which will expose this phenomenon around you and your house.

Tiles are Hygienic and easy to clean

Usually carpets hold a large quantity of dust inside your house. Tiles are easy to clean and remove any bacteria out of the surface of your home. Tiles are very effective for hygienic purposes.

Exceptionable durability

One of the main reasons people choose tiles, is because they are environmentally friendly. Tiles are exceptionally durable for both homes and offices. With proper care and cleaning the tiles of our store can last many years.

Tiles are coloured and lightfast

When you want your room to project an open concept or another style which conveys spaciousness, tiles are a perfect choice. Available in a wide range of variety, once you choose the harmony and look that you are looking for it will be easy to choose form the many options available.

Tiles are scratch and crack resistant

Tiles have the ability to withstand large amount of pressure, and if you select the harder material tiles even if you drop something that is really heavy on them they won’t crack. As a general rule, tiles won’t get scratches from shoes. Unless you are directly using something incredibly sharp or hard, you won’t damage the beauty of the tile.


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