2018 Trend: Encaustic Tiles

Looking for an easy way to bring luxury and elegance into your home that won’t break the bank? Encaustic tiles are a wonderful option; not only are they a type of tile, they are basically a work of art. The possibilities are absolutely endless as the designs can come in a wide array of colour and pattern combinations. During production, anywhere from two to six colours can be added, creating a world of potential. This can add a pop of colour or vibrancy to any dull room.


Although encaustic tiles are becoming an extremely popular option in 2018, they are by no means a new product. Their elegance and beauty has made them a favourite dating back to the Victorian and Edwardian eras. One reason they are such a popular choice is it takes a lot of the work out of decorating. By installing such a detailed piece, this automatically becomes the main focus in any room. Due to this, less decorating is required overall and you can focus on a more minimalistic approach, thus saving money.


A major concern when it comes to purchasing and installing tiles is how slippery they can be. This is why in order to prevent slipping; people will usually install carpets as their flooring. The major downfall with this is how much maintenance they require. Carpets or rugs get dirty easily and require a deep cleaning often in order to sustain their vibrancy. Encaustic tiles provide the best of both worlds as a detailed design can give off the illusion of a gorgeous carpet, but are so much easier to clean. All that is required is a light dusting or wipe every once in a while. In addition, slipping is not something that you have to be concerned about with encaustic tiles as they do not get slippery as they are made to stay cool in warmer climates.


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